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Marine science snapshots: Fieldwork, wildlife, and community at Moss Landing Marine Labs

By Lauren Cooley, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab While working on the latest Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Annual Report, my friend and fellow MLML student employee Caroline Rodriguez collected a bunch of amazing photos from the Moss community. While she used … Continue reading

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Grad school: pandemic edition

By Lauren Cooley, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab I think it’s safe to say that before the start of this year, no one could have possibly predicted the truly wild twists and turns of 2020- and the year isn’t even over … Continue reading

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How 4Ocean made recycling economically sustainable

By Kali Prescott, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab An estimated 5.25 trillion tons of plastic are currently adrift in the ocean having extensive deleterious effects on wildlife (Erikson et al., 2014).  Reduce, reuse, recycle has been the battle cry of environmentalists … Continue reading

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What is a marine heat wave?

By Sierra Fullmer, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab Do you know what a marine heat wave is? Imagine being outside in the peak heat of summer, walking in what feels like a sea of heat. Heat waves, during which temperatures are … Continue reading

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Living among emperor penguins: 2019 field expedition to Antarctica

by Parker Forman, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab Transcript of radio chatter from the penguin scientists at Camp Crozier 13:15 hrs on November 15th 2019: Markus: Gitte and Parker ……. This is Markus ……. Do you copy? Gitte: This is Gitte and Parker … Continue reading

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CSI: Marine Mammal 🐋 – A day in the life of an MLML stranding responder

By Lauren Cooley, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab The hotline rang at 2pm and I quickly ran across the lab to grab the phone, excited to find out what new adventure awaited me. “Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Stranding Network, this is … Continue reading

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Navigating a changing world: The challenges giant whales face as they search for bluer pastures

by Jenn Tackaberry, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab As a marine biologist, part of my job is to study the behavior of whales and how they interact with their environment. Many projects I am involved in are long-term (40+ years) studies … Continue reading

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MLML at the Marine Mammal Conference

By Jackie Lindsey, Vertebrate Ecology Lab This week marked the 21st Biennial conference of the Society of Marine Mammology (SMM) .  For any budding marine mammologist, this conference is a dream come true – many of the great authors and researchers that … Continue reading

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Take a deep breath, and dive in with our new Vertebrate Ecologist!

Next semester, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories will welcome a new faculty member: Dr. Birgitte I. McDonald.  She is replacing Director Jim Harvey as the new head of the Vertebrate Ecology Lab.  Gitte agreed to answer a few questions about herself in … Continue reading

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Sea otters participate in coastal restoration

by Jackie Lindsey, Vertebrate Ecology Lab There’s a new reason to love the world’s smallest marine mammal species – so let’s talk sea otters! These voracious predators are again making headlines in the science world as a new paper comes … Continue reading

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