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The Success of Open House 2014

By Melissa Nehmens PSRC This past weekend, Moss Landing Marine Labs opened our doors and welcomed everyone to our annual Open House event. For those of you new to Moss Landing traditions (as I am as a first year student), … Continue reading

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Beyond the Obituaries: the shining stars of conservation work

Beyond the Obituaries: the shinning stars of conservation work By Michelle Marraffini Invertebrate Zoology and Molecular Ecology Lab Conservation science can sometimes feel like it is all doom and gloom stories with reports of have few of a species are … Continue reading

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Shrinking Glaciers

BBC piece on glacial retreat with Dr. Iain Stewart.  The Columbia Glacier in Alaska is breaking into the ocean 30 times faster than before (20 years ago). The link is found here  

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2010 Open House Puppet Show: Dora the Sperm Whale Explorer’s Deep-Sea Adventure

by Amanda Kahn, Invertebrate Zoology and Molecular Ecology Lab In April, MLML opened its doors to the public and we spent the weekend showcasing our research and teaching people about marine science.  We did this in a variety of ways: … Continue reading

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Living Deep and Hit Hard by Fishing: a video interview with Dr. Greg Cailliet

Video by Cassandra Brooks Moss Landing Marine Labs alumna Cassadra Brooks has taken her research on the Antarctic toothfish to a new level, hoping to effectively convey relevant science to the public and  fisheries managers.  Now a science communicator for … Continue reading

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The Open House Puppet Show 2009 – An adventurous search for spiny relatives

by Erin Loury, Ichthyology Lab Anyone who has visited an MLML Open House knows that the puppet show is a longstanding tradition and major highlight for visitors of all ages.   After much patience and anticipation, the 2009 puppet show … Continue reading

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Lab Safety is Better with Singing – and, of course, Puppets

Each week we’ll try to introduce you to some nifty resource for learning about science and the ocean, whether fundamental or just plain fun.   At MLML, our multi-talented students are puppetry and singing pros. Apparently theatre arts and science are … Continue reading

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Charging Penguins!

You’ll never see a penguin soaring in the sky since they’re one of many groups of flightless birds (can you think of others?).   With their dense torpedo-shaped bodies, penguins are adapted for speedy swimming, and do all of their flying … Continue reading

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Thank You, Ocean

If you’re in the habit of being thankful or counting your blessings amid the hectic frenzy of the holidays, why not add the ocean to your list? Thankyouocean.org is a website from the California Public Ocean Awareness Campaign that has … Continue reading

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Vote for your favorite holiday marine creature!

The authors of The Drop-In are locked in the vice-grip of final tests, projects, papers, you name it, along with the rest of the MLML community.  But the holiday break is approaching as quickly as our wandering attention spans.  For … Continue reading

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