Teacher Corner

Welcome to our page of resources specifically for educators! Find links to marine curricula that we’ve developed or from outside sites. Email us (blogger@mlml.calstate.edu) if you have any links that you want to share!


We have put together a scavenger hunt of science questions that you can offer your classes as an extra credit assignment.  Encourage your students to visit Moss Landing Marine Labs’ Open House on April 25 and 26, 2009 from 9 to 5.

You can download a sample lesson plan and the question handouts here.  There are two different versions, one for grades K-5, and one for grades 6-12.   The questions will also be available at the K-12 outreach table in our lobby at Open House.  We will post the answer key in the week following Open House!

Sample Open House Lesson Plan

Open House Handout K-5

ANSWER KEY to Open House Handout K-5

Open House Handout 6-12

ANSWER KEY to Open House Handout 6-12

TEACHER FEATURE BLOG POSTS: To read posts that we have written especially with education in mind, or that we think teachers may find valuable, click the “teacher feature” tag in the tag cloud on our main page, or simply click here.

TEACHER ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM: This program developed at Moss Landing Marine Labs is geared to help teachers incorporate marine science and oceanography into their curricula. Run by Dr. Simona Bartl, the the Teacher Enhancement Program (TEP) includes summer workshops for teachers, classroom visits and on-site tours of MLML. Visit our website to learn more!

LESSON PLAN COLLECTIONS: Other organizations that have taken the time to compile excellent lists of links to marine-themed curricula.


Beach and Intertidal

Deep Sea


Endangered Species

  • Bagheera: Classroom in the Wild Classroom studies, activities, glossary, and bibliography about endangered species.  The Bagheera website also has information about various endangered species, including sea turtles, whales, manatees and albatross.



Invasive Species:



  • The Safety Song: UC Berkeley students make laboratory safety fun with singing – and puppets!

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