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Amanda Heidt, Invertebrate Zoology Lab

“It wasn’t until I got to college that my passion for Marine Biology finally found a foothold, but 6 years on I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else. I work primarily with invertebrates, and I maintain that they are just as cool as your charismatic megafauna if you just take the time to learn a bit about them. I’ve been brought onto the blog team to provide a first-year’s insight into life at Moss.”  Read More

Jackie Lindsey, Vertebrate Ecology Lab

JackieLike many of my colleagues, I was introduced to the ocean on family vacations, fell in love, and then never fell out of love.  I learned about the scientific process in grade school, read marine books, visited aquariums…and then I applied to a university with a school of aquatic and fishery sciences.  I have continued to choose to do what interests me, and I have been repeatedly delighted that my path is turning into a fascinating career.” Read more

Stephen Pang, Ichthyology Lab


“I first became interested in the ocean when I was growing up. As a kid in southern California, I was always in the water. Whether it was snorkeling, bodysurfing, or scuba diving, it felt like I spent more time in the water than I actually did on land. To me, pursuing a career in marine science just made sense.” Read More


Vicky Vásquez, Pacific Shark Research Center

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce I realized how misunderstood shark species have become through the public eye, I became interested in attaining and spreading accurate information on this wide range of species. In doing so, sharks opened my intrigue towards a greater focus of marine science and its many wonders.Read more